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My ten year old viburnum davidii shrubs only have leaves growing on the outside tips of the branches. There are almost no inner leaves at all. How far back should I prune them? What is causing this condition? They are in the sun and get water regularly. user-7008887 09/13/2017. My viburnums set fruit in some years but not in others. Viburnum Are Dying From Top Down; Viburnum And Azaleas Have Lace Like Formation On Branches; Viburnum Tree Has Sections Of Bark With Lots Of Holes Close Together; Is It Ok To Burn Viburnum; Viburnum Are Being Watered Daily And Leaves Are Falling Off;. Noteworthy Characteristics. Viburnum plicatum is a dense, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that typically matures to 8-15’ tall with a slightly larger spread. Ovate, toothed, strongly-veined, dark green leaves to 4” long have pleated upper surfaces. Leaves turn burgundy red to purplish red in fall.

when can i dig up my viburnum with out it dying? 25 Nov, 2009; Featured on: viburnum. Answers. Bamboo. Growing berries and birdies on a Viburnum Plicatum. Winter Interest in the Garden - part 2 - flowers. Previous question « Can a member kindly ID this Plant Plez? It. Doublefile viburnum or Japanese snowball viburnum, Viburnum plicatum var. plicatum, produces 2 to 3 inch wide showy, snowball-type clusters of white flowers in spring. A dense, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub with somewhat horizontal branching that grows 8 to 12 feet high. Dark green leaves are strongly-veined, toothed, with pleated upper surfaces turn a burgundy red to purplish red in. see more; Family Adoxaceae. Genus Viburnum can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs with opposite, simple or palmately lobed leaves and clusters of small, often fragrant white or pink flowers, followed by red, blue or black berries. Details 'Mariesii' is a large deciduous shrub with wide-spreading, tiered branches and prominently veined, dark green, ovate leaves, purple in autumn. Viburnum leaf beetles. Image source. Viburnum leaf beetles are a recent threat to these shrubs that were once fairly resistant to most pests. The larvae of these insects can virtually destroy the leaves of your plant. The best thing to do is plant a variety that is resistant to this insect. Not to be TOO picky, but I don't think this is considered to be a snowball viburnum, which would match v. plicatum f. plicatum. I think the heading should just call this a Doublefile Viburnum. 'Shasta' is a lacecap, and NOT sterile, which Mike Dirr writes is how one distinguishes the categories.

Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii' bears layered, horizontal branches that add an architectural accent to the border. This deciduous shrub produces lacecap blooms in late spring, followed by purple fruits. This deciduous shrub produces lacecap blooms in late spring, followed by purple fruits.

Viburnum is a medium-sized, spring flowering shrub that grows in most locations across the U.S. Hardy and easy to grow, its four-season interest makes it a popular choice as hedging, in group plantings or as a specimen. Most viburnum, however, are not self-pollinating and require a different variety in order to.
Aug 13, 2009 · Mohawk Viburnum died suddenly; Mohawk Viburnum died suddenly. Watch Reply. More. Mark unread;. Two were viburnum plicatum Newport and one was a carlesii. They all looked fine, bloomed well, then abruptly toast. Fine old beech trees were dying on the pastoral thoroughbred horse farm. This property had won national awards for the quality.

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